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SYSTEM GSKPLC-less controlSystem

SYSTEM GSK PLC-less controlSystem Feature

Feature (Simple sequence function (GFB) is incorporated)

GFB is regularly mounted on nut runner controller

Various actuators can be managed and the sequence-less configuration of device is enabled by mounting GFB on nut runner controller

GFB (Giken Function Block)
The behavior of cylinder etc. can be set without PLC by using the setting software of system GSK for GIKEN's original circuit block.
Various signals of solenoid valve etc. are controlled from actuator
  • Nut runner

  • Positioning

  • Solenoid valve

  • Control of other

  • Number of I/O points
    96 points

  • Number of blocks
    10000 blocks

・Simplification of system
・Nut runner + positioning setting + cylinder operation setting is enabled by system GSK setting software.

Number of I/O points per I/O board Input: 24 points Output: 24 points Two I/O boards can be attached to system GSK.
※For the standard model, only one I/O board is attached. The second board is an option.