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This is an ultra-compact and lightweight tool developed by a leading manufacturer of nut-runners, combining quality control and ergonomics.

The electric hand nut-runner is a tightening tool that enables efficient, high-precision, and flexible screw tightening by hand.

The tool is available in three shapes: pistol type, angle type, and straight type.

The most suitable can be selected according to the characteristics of the part for tightening.

There are many other accessories such as poka-yoke systems, hanging tools, and jigs.

In addition, we are always able to design and manufacture equipment based on our experience and know-how cultivated in the nut-runner business to meet the needs of our customers, so please feel free to contact us.

System Configuration and Features

PistolType (Non-reaction)


New control method and swing control drastically reduce reaction force.

With lower reaction force and higher speed, the workload of operators is reduced and workability is enhanced.

No-load rotation speed of 4700 rpm is achieved by reviewing the mechanical system.

Applicable torque: 10 to 30 N・m (At AC200V)

  • High-luminance LED lamp (with alarm) shows tool status at a glance.

  • Equipped with a large trigger switch


GP Series

The pistol type is suitable for one-handed and lateral tightening work to increase workability with relatively low torque.

The product lineup ranges from 3N-m to 27N-m* of applicable torque.(At AC200V)

  • High-luminance LED lamp (with alarm) shows tool status at a glance.

PistolType Specifications
Type Pistol Type>
Model name GPX-30SW GP-15 GP-30
Series X-SW Series GP Series
Applicable Torque(Nm)
At AC200V
10~30 3~13 6~27
Applicable Torque(Nm)
At AC100V
10~26 3~13 6~24
Maximum Torque(Nm) 30 15 30
Maximum rotation speed(rpm) 4700 1250 950
Length(around)mm 241 205 250
Wight (kg) 1.1 0.75 1.2
Controller GA-T1-N07-MS GP-T1-N05-M GA-T1-N05-M
Cable 5m standard(GRP-K-5M) , 15m extension cable(GPR-KL-15M)
GPX-30SW Dimension table
Asq 9.52
B 5
C 11
D 21.25
E 12
ΦG 3.5
H 113
ΦJ 42
L 241
M 127

Angle Type

GA Series

Photo: From the upper row GA-300C, GA-70C, GA-30

The angle type is suitable for two-handed tightening work in a horizontal tightening posture as the output shaft is converted 90 degrees to the handle.

Wide range of applicable torques from 6 N・m to 300 N・m*. 

Since the working posture is stable, it is possible to work with relatively high torque.

  • High-luminance LED lamp (with alarm) shows tool status at a glance.

Angle Type Specifications
Type Angle Type
Model name GA-30 GA-50 GA-70C GA-100C GA-200C GA-300C GA-300-N1
Series GASeries
Applicable Torque(Nm)
At AC200V
6~27 10~45 15~63 20~90 40~180 60~250 60~300
Applicable Torque(Nm)
At AC100V
6~21 10~35 15~43 20~68 40~139 60~185 60~210
Maximum Torque(Nm) 30 50 70 100 200 270 300
Maximum rotation speed(rpm) 800 470 400 500 220 145 90
Length(around)mm 430 444 469 538 576 599 611
Weight(around)kg 1.4 1.5 1.9 3.0 4.0 4.4 4.4
Controller GA-T1-N05-M GA-T5-N04-M
Cable 5m standard(GRP-K-5M) , 15m extension cable(GPR-KL-15M)

Straight Type

GS Series

Photo: From the upper row GS-100,GS-70,GS-15

As the straight type runs straight from the motor to the socket part at the tip, among the three shapes (pistol, angle, and straight), it is the most stable tightening accuracy.

Applicable torques range from 3N-m to 90N-m*. By using together with the optional accessory parallel-arm, it is possible to perform highly accurate screw tightening comparable to automatic tightening nut-runner equipment without being affected by reaction forces.

  • High-luminance LED lamp (with alarm) shows tool status at a glance.

Straight Type Specifications
Type Straight Type
Model name GS-15 GS-30 GS-70 GS-70H GS-100
Series GSSeries
Applicable Torque(Nm)
At AC200V
3~13 6~27 15~63 20~90
Applicable Torque(Nm)
At AC100V
3~13 6~24 15~55 20~78
Maximum Torque(Nm) 15 30 70 100
Maximum rotation speed(rpm) 1250 950 300 760 420
Length(around)mm 341 394 423 473 505
Weight(around)kg 0.9 1.3 1.4 2.5 2.9
Controller GA-T1-N05-M GA-T5-N04-M
Cable 5m standard(GRP-K-5M) , 15m extension cable(GPR-KL-15M)


Nutrunner Controller

* Specifications may change depending on the model year and model type.

High-speed tightening, high-speed seating: Built-in motor performance and high-speed response software

Programs for various types: 24 models, switchable by an external signal

Algorithm of tightening reaction force: Soft stop control, soft gradient control, pulse control

Block tightening: count setting of tightening times, number of blocks: 20

External communication network: Standard RS-232C, Ethernet, parallel I/O, fieldbus support as an option

Built-in tightening data history function: Number of data: 6000, number of abnormal alarm history: 20

List of Controller Specifications and Names
Model name GA-T5-N04-M
Standard type (without position detection function)
Standard type (with position detection function)
For pistol type low reaction force series 
Type with position detection function(optional)
No. Name Function
1 Large section display screen Operation panel to display various settings, tightening results, operation results, alarms, etc.
2 Main power switch System power switch
3 Display result lamp Tightening result lamp (Tightening OK, Abnormal Tightening NOK, Alarm ALM)
4 Setting operation buttons Manual input operation button
5 USB connector for communication with setting PC Connector for PC connection for setting
6 Primary power supply connector Connector for AC power cable connection
7 Tool Connector Connector for tool cable connection
8 RS1/RS2/RS3 Connector Resolver connection connector (when using Tracer arm)
9 RS-232C Connector RS-232C connection connector
10 RS-422 Connector RS-422 communication connector *N07M/N07MS only
11 Ethernet Connector Ethernet connector
12 Parallel I/O connector
(input side)
Parallel communication connector with exterior (input side)(DC24V is required for connection)
13 Parallel I/O connector
(out side)
Parallel communication connector with exterior (out side)(DC24V is required for connection)

※For specification details, please refer to the PDF instruction manual.


① Protective cover for pistol-type hand tool, hook for hanging
② Programming socket folder
③ Parallel arm

Pistol type, straight type, angle type We can design and manufacture according to each tool type.

④ Parallel arm system with tightening coordinate detection

・Can indicate and detect the tightening coordinates.

・Positional XY coordinate accuracy of ±0.02

・System eliminates the possibility of forgetting to tighten bolts or making errors, resulting in zero output of defective products.

・The arm reduces the reaction force and the weight of the tool, making it easier to work with.

・The controller has a built-in coordinate calculation function.

・The controller is compact and inexpensive with a built-in coordinate calculation function.

・Coordinate setting is easy and simple.

・Can be used for QL process in the defect process

⑤QL Traceable

The parallel arm with coordinate detection can be applied to the QL wrench with LS used for defect processing of bolt tightening equipment to eliminate rework errors.

We are always ready to design and provide accessories and attachment equipment to meet your needs. 
Various hand tools are available for trial use in our exhibition room. 
We can also provide demonstrations using actual hand tools if you wish. Please feel free to contact us.