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GSKtorque sensor control nut runner system

Outline of system

"GSK"is a system that enables various types of tightening for a lot of models of  objects to be tightened at high accuracy and high speed by torque sensor control.

ANZM(R)type nut runner

  • Equipped with torque sensor to enable high-accuracy tightening.
  • Nut runners meeting the needs of customer are lined up by expanding various series.
  • For the rotation frequency, low rotation to high rotation can be arbitrarily set.
  • Wide torque range from low torque to high torque is prepared for various models.
  • For the torque sensor, resistance to noise is improved to realize high reliability of torque accuracy.
  • Amplifier case for torque sensor is downsized to enable narrow-pitch tightening.

Interface unit (Common to series)

  • The interface unitis a device communicating with an external unit such as sequencer, display, setting PC, and printer.
  • GSK system can display the information related to tightening control such as setting data and tightening result by connecting PC to IF unit.
  • ANYBUS supports various fieldbuses
  • The interface unit is equipped with communication function supporting single axis and multi-axis controller 1-axis to 30-axis and 1 unit is attached to 1 set. (in case of 31-aixs  or more, 2units are required.)
  • Confirmation result data can be confirmed without connection with PC by connecting the dedicated printer.

Controller unit

  • Tightening torque accuracy 3σ±2
  • Screw failure / seizure judgment by waveform integration operationis newly added
  • Torque sensor and deceleration part are checked before starting operation at every tightening for high reliability.
  • Various tightening patterns can be easily implemented by setting rotation frequency and torque control with program.
  • For the setting of tightening program, two patterns of setting methods; setting PC and full screen panel of controller are available.
  • The cost performance can be improved by using GSKW (2-axis controller)for low-torque section.

Advanced mechanism and control realize the high-speed seating

Combination use of high-speed nut runner equipped with advanced mechanism (patented) assures the stable tightening accuracy even at high-speed (1,000rpm) seating.Status

Combination with positioning control function enables high-speed flexible control.

Screw defect judgment/seizure judgment by waveform  integration operation(Patent-pending)

Status of screw is judged by conducting integral computation for torque waveform and comparing the areas. S1 》S2

Tightening cycle can be considerably shortened because the existing technology, inversion judgment is not necessary.

Prediction is output before stop by alarm of device error utilizing the status monitoring.

Stop of equipment due to failure can be prevented by forecasting heat generation of motor, degradation of bearing, damage of reduction gear etc. and outputting protection warning and outputting the life alarm of consumable parts mounted on controller such as capacitor, relay, EEPROM.

Globalization of communication is supported

communication can be supported