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GKLcurrent sensor control nut runner system

Outline of system

The current sensor feed back control system"GKL"is the torque control type nut runner system that enables the various tightening methods to many types of tightening objects.

ANM(R)Nut runner

  • Torque sensor is not equipped due to the current sensor control system.
  • Rotation number can be freely set in a range from low-speed to high-speed rotation.
  • Wide torque range from low torque to high torque with a variety range of types.
  • It is a low cost product line compared to GSK.
  • Suitable for screw loosening equipment.

Interface unit (Common to series)

  • The interface unit is a device communicating with an external unit such as sequencer, display, setting PC, and printer.
  • GSK system can display the information related to tightening control such as setting data and tightening result by connecting PC to IF unit.
  • ANYBUS supports various fieldbuses.
  • The interface unit is equipped with communication function supporting single axis and multi-axis controller 1-axis to 30-axis and 1 unit is attached to 1 set. (in case of 31-aixs or more, 2units are required.)
  • Confirmation result data can be confirmed without connection with PC by connecting the dedicated printer.

Controller unit

  • Tightening torque accuracy(3σ/X) Target torque ±10%~±12%
  • It is possible with the stall control. which is suitable for keeping torque and soft-ioint tightening.
  • High reliability makes it always possible to check the current sensor and gear re-duction part evry time. (Because of setting required.)
  • Tightening program sets the rotation number and torque control, faciliating various tightening patterns.
  • Two setup methods are provided to set up the tightening pogram:The input method from the set up personal computer:and that from the controller front panel.

※"GKL"There is no angle judgment control from snug torque.

Predictive maintenance function is mounted  on the nut runner for the first time

Prediction is output before stop by alarm of device error utilizing the status monitoring.

Stop of equipment due to failure can be prevented by forecasting heat generation of motor, degradation of bearing, damage of reduction gear etc. and outputting protection warning and outputting the life alarm of consumable parts mounted on controller such as capacitor, relay, EEPROM.

Globalization of communication  is supported

communication can be supported