GIKEN industrial co.,Ltd.Electric NutRunner and Hand Tools



1.While working(Nagara)type

Hanging while-working type nut runner (PAT.No.764031) as semi-automatic system with synchronization, etc. for a cycle from locating position, tightening process and rising.

2.Simple machine independent while-working type

Hanging the simple indipendent while-working nut runner unit,the simple independent type tightens bolts from the upper side. It is possible to make a semi-automatic or full automatic unit by setting a device for locating the position of the conveyor.

3.Motion control system (Positioning GSK)
4.Hanging types with spring balancers, free balancers and other hanging tools for lifting.
5.Full automatic tightening nut runner machine

Complete automatic conveyance and locating position. This is the machine which uses nut runners with a complete automatic system starting from the tightening process to carryout.

6.Complete automatic tightening machine equipped with bolts automatic feeding device.

Parts feeder and bolts line-up device made by Giken are equipped and it is the complete automatic bolt tightening machine supplying bolts and combined with the nut runner unit.

7.Simple robot type nut runner tightening machine

High speed robot type nut runner motors are used. It is also available with the locate position detecting type as option.

8.Robot type tightening machine which has nut runner motors installed in a through robot

Parts feeder and bolts line-up device made by Giken are equipped.